♠ Please refer to. ”The electronic product catalog”

♣ The purpose of the material destruction test
Due to the large variety of artificial acrylic stone sinks on the market, it being difficult to differentiate between real and fake materials, and also the existence of other brands which claim to consist of the same material as JAMBO sinks and with lower pricing, our company conducted a destruction test specifically for the consumer to understand better the large difference between various material qualities used in artificial stone sinks.
Test experiment
First, we placed three test pieces into a glass container, poured Acetone solution into it, and left it sitting in room temperature for six to twelve hours.
Eventually the other brand’s test sample, which is labeled as consisting of the same material as JAMBO’s, had cracked and totally destructed.
JAMBOArtificial acrylic stone Famous international brandArtificial acrylic stone Other brand-Labeled as consisting of the same material as JAMBO
After removal from the container, it was obvious that it is totally cracked, meaning that polymerization is not complete and the material characteristic is weak. How can this material be employed to build durable sinks?/span>
As it has been proven that the consumer should make careful decisions purchasing original and specified products to prevent being misled by unscrupulous vendors.
♣Counterfeiting of JAMBO Sinks

※Please note that the low-quality POLY sinks that are circulating on the market have claimed to be 100%MMA JAMBO sinks. They also use our testing data and publicity materials to mislead consumers and harm their rights and benefits.

  1. 1.When purchasing JAMBO products, make sure to check if there is a JAMBO logo sticker and the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions on the product. In addition, the JAMBO logo and product serial number should also be found on the back of the basin. Please beware of counterfeits which can cause troubles in future maintenance.
  2. 2.JAMBO products use only “JB” as the initial of all model numbers. Please identify the model number to prevent purchasing counterfeits.