In solid surface production may be classified into two types: polyester, and acrylic polymer. Acrylic series show excellent chemical and physical performance and has gained recognition in the market. In order to overcome problems such as incomplete chemical reaction of polyester, yellowing, and poor durability during solid surface production, research and development on acrylic solid surface production techniques continued to take place. In spite of the obstacles that still exist, some manufacturers have attempted to add a little acrylic polymer or special additives into polyester. However, results remain limited. The 100% acrylic solid surface sinks are produced by JAMPO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has completely overturned this negative image. JAMPO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is the professional acrylic solid surface sink maker. The product does not contain polyesters, and calcium carbonate fillers. We insist on using special formula 100% acrylic polymer, and inorganic materials such as aluminum hydroxide, ATH as the main raw materials of high quality products. JAMPO INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. has professional polymer raw materials, and process production techniques. Our acrylic solid surface sinks are certified by American National Standard ANSI Z124.6 1997.

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